U13–U17 Academy Open trainings

In term 4 we offer players to join the U13, U14, U15 or U17 Academy teams. If you would like to make yourself available for the Academy teams for next year we welcome you to join our training sessions. From the 16th October until the 29th November we accept players that want to see if they fit in. Please contact Colin Williamson on williamson@cufc.co.nz to book your training sessions!

Below you find an overview of this years Academy programme. In 2019 the Academy programme will be improved and training times might change.

2018 info:

This programme is part of our High Performance pathway to develop players for our first team and to assist our players to pursue their dreams. In 2018 we will have 24 available spots for U13 and U14 players and 16 spots for U15 players. We still have some open spots for our U13 and U14 teams.

This programme will run all year long from February until December. The players will have three training sessions a week and a game day. We will also provide video analysis to players to help them evaluate their own performance. The training sessions will be run by experienced team coaches with good qualifications. Guided by Colin Williamson (Academy Director) the coaches will provide the highest possible quality of coaching and training.

If you are still interested in joining our programme feel free to contact the office (office@cufc.co.nz), or sign up for the upcoming trials in February.

  • For Under 13 to Under 15-year old players
  • International professional coaches
  • All year-round, holistic, world-class programmes
  • Special sessions on skills, speed, agility and tactics.
  • State-of-the-art facility at Christchurch Football Centre
  • NZ Football curriculum included
  • Opportunity for adapted, individualised education programme through Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery School.


  • Training days U13-U15:  Tuesday and Thursday 5.15 pm – 7.00 pm, Friday 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm
  • Term starts Tuesday 12 February, term ends Saturday 13 April
  • U13-U15 Game day: Friday or Saturday
  • U13-U15 Head Coaches: Dave Murdoch, Mat Boon, Peter Carr
  • U15 will have only two training sessions during term one and four.
  • Year fees U13-U14:  $1440 (payable in full or monthly)
  • Year fees U15: $1170 (payable in full or monthly)


For all our existing members, please login here and register for 2018: