Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Q: What is Christchurch United FC?
A: CUFC is one of the most renown football clubs in Christchurch which merged with the CFA at the end of the 2016.

How to join Christchurch United FC?

Q: How do I register?
A: You may register online at or at our office, 466 Yaldhurst Road.

Q: Does this means that I can register at any point of the school term and how much do I need to pay?
A: Yes you can register at any point, your fees will be a partial payment of the full-term fee from the date you register.

Q: What is the cost for your programmes?
A: Our programmes are based between $4 – $7 per hour depending on the programme you choose and the age of your child.

Programmes we offer at Christchurch United FC

Q: When do the Christchurch United FC programmes start?
A: Our programmes are based on the school terms therefore you can register your child at any time.

Q: When does the Winter season start and finish?
A:  The first game for the season is 1st April 2017 and it finishes on the 26th  August 2017, except for the following dates 15th April (Easter) and 15th July (Middle week of school holidays).  

Q: Do you offer a one session per week programme?
A:  Yes we do. In each school term, we provide an 8 week player development programme for children aged U6 – U15 years old.

Q: What team will my child be placed in?
A:  Christchurch United FC caters to players of all abilities, coaches will select and form teams based on age and ability.  There will be several teams in each age group, ranging from novice and experienced players.

Q: Do you run any programmes during the school holidays?
A: Yes, we run school holiday camps during the January, April, July, October and December school holidays.


Q: Do you require a uniform?
A: Yes, we require all our members to purchase from our online shop or the Christchurch United office.

Q: My child has the old CFA uniform, does he/she need to purchase the new Christchurch United uniform for 2017?A: Yes, due to the merger between CFA and CUFC we have new uniforms that are available for sale.

Trials and Academy Squads

Q: When are trials dates and times and who are they for?
A:  Trials are for all players from U9 – U15 grades. Trials will be held on the following dates, 21, 23, 25, 28 February and 2 March.

Q: Do you provide the FTC programme for elite players?
A: Yes we do, we are one of three licensed clubs in Christchurch who can provide player development programmes (FTC) to their members.

Q: Can anyone sign-up for the FTC programme at your club?
A: No.  The FTC programme at Christchurch United is restricted to the U13 and U14 Academy teams.

Q: What is the squad size for your academy teams in the U13 and U14 grades?
A: 16 players

Q: How many training sessions per week do your academy teams have?
A: Our academy teams will train three times per week during the year, in addition they will have the option to attend a player development programme on a Friday afternoon.