Coach Profile: Lew Gordon

Coach Lew Gordon, interacting with the players

In our column ‘Coach Profile’, we introduce a coach of Christchurch United and tell you more about the background of the coach. We tell you everything about the history and experience of the coaches, so you know your kid is in good hands and get coached in a good way, so all kids can develop theirselves in the best way possible. This time, we zoom in on Lew Gordon.

Lew Gordon is one of the younger coaches in the Christchurch United coaching team and has a natural affinity with our young talents. Besides that, Lew has a lot of experience as a goalkeeper on high level, which provides invaluable insights for the club’s goalkeepers.

foto van Christchurch United FC.

Lew Gordon in action, during the quarter-final English Cup game against Cashmere Technical last week.

He came on board of the Christchurch United Academy in March 2015 and is currently head coach of Christchurch United U10 Black. He is active as a coach since 2014, when he was a junior coach at the Olé Football Academy in Wellington. After Lew started coaching at the Olé Football Academy, he coached the 5th and 6th grade at Waimariri School and he says he enjoys seeing kids working together to achieve goals.

Lew: ‘I really enjoy working with children and I find it very rewarding to see them working together to win games and improve theirselves. It is great how quick kids can learn and see them showing their parents what they have been practicing on training during the week in their games on Saturday.’

Three years ago, Lew started a study in sports coaching at the University of Canterbury. He is currently in his third year and says he can’t wait to finish his degree to spend more time coaching: ‘I want to gain as much experience as possible with different age groups whilst I’m finishing my degree in sports coaching. After my study, I want to put everything I learned and all my gained experience together and build onto my own coaching philosofy.’

Besides his study in sports coaching, Lew has done several coaching courses and has his Junior Level 1, Youth Level 1, Youth Level 2 and his Goalkeeper Introduction and Level 1.

Although most people might know Lew as a coach, he is also a good football player. Lew is currently the goalkeeper of Christchurch United’s first team and he represented Canterbury playing in the Canterbury United Youth team for the last two seasons. Before joining Christchurch United as a player this season, Lew played two seasons in the Mainland Premier League, for Universities.

All this, makes Lew a great member of the Christchurch United coaching team and we’re sure he helps the young talents of Christchurch United to become a better football player and in their personal development.