Club Housie provides huge support for Christchurch United

Christchurch United has again received a huge boost from Christchurch United Housie who have donated $20,000 from the proceeds of its weekly competition.

Christchurch United Board member Michael O’Connor presented club stalwart Derek Johnson with a new club polo in recognition for his tireless efforts for the club.

 “We are extremely grateful to Derek and and those who help him. Their support plays a big part in helping us to run the club and develop the next generation of top players,” says O’Connor.

 Derek Johnson has been a driving force behind the success of Christchurch United over the past 40 years,  15 of which as chairman of the club.

In response to major financial challenges for the club in the early 1990s, Derek and his supportive wife Maureen initiated weekly Housie evenings which are still going strong at the Papanui League Club Rooms at Sawyers Arms Road, each Wednesday from 7.15pm to 10pm.

Representatives of the club’s first team are often on hand to help out with the raffle and to show their support and appreciation for their contribution to Christchurch United.

Each year, Christchurch united Housie has been able to support the club with a considerable sum which has got the club through some of the toughest times.

“Without Derek and Maureen, we may not have had a club right now,” says O’Connor.

“Derek’s influence has been enormous, and not only the national league days, but also keeping the club afloat when numbers were dwindling not so long ago,” adds O’Connor who admits that he didn’t always realise how important long term club members like Derek have been as he was coming through the ranks as a young player.

“Derek and a handful of others were always on the sideline for the First Team games, which was great for the players. We hope to see them again this year at our new homeground at the Christchurch Football Centre, when they can hopefully see their club get back into the Mainland Premier League.”

 All Christchurch United members, supporters and parents are encouraged to pop in at the Papanui Leagues club on Wednesday nights to join in the Housie, for a night out that supports our club in  a tremendous way.