Christchurch United teams show great football and team spirit

The Christchurch United teams enjoyed another game day playing and working hard together, on a rainy Saturday  in Christchurch. Read everything about the games from our Junior and Youth teams.

Under 9

Christchurch United Blue  –  BYE

Christchurch United White  10 – 0  Christchurch United Gold

The game between the Whites and Golds started off quite even, with no goals in the first 10 minutes, but further into the first half, the White team showed off their class with some good goals. The Gold team was unlucky to concede 7 in the first half though, but had a hard time creating their own chances.

With a better composure from the Golds in the second half – Ryan and Dimitri defended really well together – and some great saves by goalkeepers Conor and Aiden, the game was more even. The Whites kept creating several chances and played some good football, but also the Golds created some chances, with Dimitri even hitting the post. With 3 more goals in the second half, the Whites put the full-time score on the boards.

Although the Gold team lost with 10-0, they deserve some credits, especially for still trying to play out from the back most of the time, while they were already in behind. Great attitude shown by all the players yesterday!

Player of the Week Gold: Ryan

The Gold and White team played each other yesterday, with here Aidan in a fight for the ball with one of the White players.

Christchurch United Black  1 – 5  Christchurch United Rams

Great game to watch yesterday, where the Black team improved a lot by passing and moving around in the second half. The team demonstrated a good defense and good patience.

Player of the Week: Brandon

Sam, player for the Black team, dribbles down the line, trying to set up a goal for his team.

Under 10

Christchurch United Blue  9 – 9  Selwyn United

Christchurch United White  7 – 1  SASFC Black

Christchurch United Gold  3 – 2  Coastal Spirit B

Christchurch United Rams  16 – 3  Cashmere Technical FC White

The Rams had an excellent game. We started the game strongly with some excellent passing moves through the midfield, that set the tone for whole the game.  There were a series of  particularly strong passing combinations on attack from Bailey Hefford-Dawson, Lachlan Timlin and Alex Wilton – well supported by the other team members – that resulted in a regular series of goals.  The attack was supported by a solid defensive effort that got stronger as the game progressed.  The first half ended 8-2 after an excellent corner from Bailey that was deflected for an own goal by the CTFC keep.

The Rams continued this pattern in the second half – scoring a series of goals through good passing.  There were also a number of strong runs from the mid field and attack – including some great assists from Jacob Cosslett.  Ethan Rogers had a great second half in left back role – showing good determination to stop a number of strong runs from CTFC but also spotting the opportunities to breaking forward to lead the attack after winning the ball in our own half.  A key feature of the game was the unselfish passing amongst the Rams.  A well-deserved win built on good team work.

Goalscorers: Bailey Dawson-Hefford 7; Lachlan Timlin 3; Jacob Cosslett 2; Luca May 2; Alex Wilton 1;  own goal

Player of the Day: Ethan Rogers

Daniel, playing for the u10 Gold team, trying to create an opportunity to score a goal.

Under 11

Christchurch United Blue  10 – 0  Waimak United White

Christchurch United White  4 – 1  Nomads Silver

The re-grading has helped our team, so now we are playing like for like, however that does not mean we can slack off from training. We now have a purpose, so I need everyone at training. This means I can work on improving your technique (Skills), tactical understanding, your physical conditioning & mental toughness. We can’t do this remotely – you also need to do homework, YES, homework on FOOTBALL.

Goalscorers: Leon 2, Ben W. & Bobby.

Players of the day: Leon, Ben W. & Bobby. These players did not get the Award because they scored goals – they got the award for industry. (They worked physically hard for the whole game).

The White team won 4-1 against Nomads United yesterday, with here, the Nomads United goalkeeper trying to save one of the Christchurch United chances.

Under 12

Christchurch United Blue  8 – 1  Hornby United

Christchurch United White  2 – 1  Selwyn Colts Black

Christchurch United Gold  1 – 5  Waimak United Grey 

Christchurch United Rams  0 – 7  Burwood

Again a tight game, not represented by the score line. Defences lapses allowed Burwood to take the opportunities presented to them.

Player of the Day: Brody Tew

Seamus, player for the u12 Gold team, in action against Waimak United yesterday.

Under 13

Christchurch United Academy  2 – 0  Cashmere Technical FC B

Christchurch United White  1 – 2  Nomads United


Under 14

Christchurch United White  2 – 3  Coastal Spirit  

As usual at Cuthberts Green we turned up to a miserable day on a well cut up bumpy pitch today. Without 2 of our regular defenders, it was a makeshift line up, that started the match against a predominantly physically bigger side.

Early on, Coastal set the game plan against us that was to continue throughout the game of been strong at the back and lumping it forward through the middle for their fast strikers. The makeshift backline did its best, but eventually they were broken with 2 attacks that were forced wide and we were dragged out wide and left open inside. Goals were scored in the 5th and 9th minutes and another through the middle on the 31st minute mark. Half time 3-0 down.

As coach, the half time talk was simple: we were playing great football and starting to match their physicality, so keep pushing forward. We just needed to keep developing our game and try and win the second half.

Things did change. We started to hold the centre of the park and control the speed of the game. Yes, the long ball was still a threat, but Jack at back was marshalling things well. John was proving decisive in his runs from deep, keeping them guessing. Zach was controlling the flow of play well.

We started to create plenty of shooting opportunities and managed to make them scramble plenty at back. On the 15th minute we had a shoot parried down by the keeper and Jarin latched on to it and scored. Heads getting higher. However, we were not able to get another until the 35th minute, when John was brought down in the box and he calmly slotted the resulting penalty.

To the team and parents. I am very happy about how this is going. Results are not the be all at this age and the development is. We just need to keep working at what we do to create great players at 18 years old.

Christchurch United Rams  7 – 2  Cashmere Technical FC Gold

Christchurch United Hawks  1 – 2  Christ’s College B

Under 17

Christchurch United Rams  3 – 2  Nomads United