Christchurch United teams go into holiday break with good feeling

With the holidays coming up, the Christchurch United teams played their last games before having a break. The teams looked very determined to make sure they were going into the holiday break with a good feeling and played some very good football across all pitches.

Under 9

Christchurch United Gold  4 – 1  Halswell United Spitfires

Christchurch United Gold played out at Scott Park against the Spitfires and played some very impressive football. On a very big pitch, the boys chose to let the ball do all the work and that resulted in some great attacks, by passing out from the back. Spencer opened the score early with a bit of luck after a long range shot and after creating several more good chances to expand the score, Christchurch United Gold went into the half-time break 1-0 up.

In the second half the boys were playing without a goalkeeper, but with an extra field player to try and give more pressure op front. This tactic resulted in a quick equalizer for the Spitfires, but after that the defense managed to keep everything closed and keep the goal clean for the rest of the game. At the other end, some great attacks resulted in 3 more goals scored by Conor and Ryan (2).

This game was definitely one of the better games of the Golds so far, if not the best game of the season. Enjoy the holiday break and make sure you rest well, so you can give a full 100% again on training!

Player of the Week: The whole team played an outstanding game!!!

Christchurch United Black  6 – 3  Halswell United Strikemasters

foto van Christchurch United FC.

Christchurch United U9 Black had a great game and went into the holidays with a 6-3 win.

Christchurch United Rams  3 – 3  Halswell United Hudsons

Today we played Halswell United Hudsons, we were shifted from Halswell domain to Scott Park then back to a very muddy Halswell Domain. Our team took abit to get started in the first half, Halswell scored a quick first goal. We then woke up and equalised through Eliza. Zana & Ashaz had their work cut out for them today with a few quick players up front. The whole team ran hard, it was very muddy, they passed well and kept the pressure on.

The 2nd half was again an equally fought game, a few good goals from Halswell had them in the lead. We didn’t give up.  The midfield were passing to each other well and were rewarded with 2 goals.

Choosing player of the day today was difficult as each player gave their all and contributed to a great game to watch.  Ashaz Ali was awarded player of the day for consistency in the back. Well done team we were unlucky today. Have a great holidays!

Under 10

Christchurch United Blue  3 – 3  Waimak Black

Christchurch United White  3 – 1  Ferrymead Seegulls

Christchurch United Gold  4 – 5  Nomads Lions

Christchurch United Red  0 – 5  Ferrymead Torpados

Today we played Ferrymead away and the pitch did not help to put in play what we have been learning during the week and in the last games. As a result of this we could not create some of the chances that we have to, to score and the other team that is used to play in this conditions did. I can not be more proud of our children in the lead to the Christchurch International Cup, they always play hard, they never give up and they are not afraid to play against older boys, although today some of them were more worried about how to clean their clothes than getting the ball back.

Player of the day: Alexi Bazhak

foto van Christchurch United FC.

Christchurch United Black  2 – 6  Coastal Spirit

CUFC under 10 blacks had a great game today against a very big coastal spirit team. Our boys played some good quality football in slow conditions. We ended up going down 6-2 after being down 4-2 at half time. Big shout out to Issac who managed to make the game despite being up since 4am after his flight to Fiji was cancelled.

Player of the day: Sena Vesty for his incredibly hard work rate, while Ben Wairepo got both our goals.

foto van Christchurch United FC.

Christchurch United Rams  4 – 2  Ferrymead Bays Tigers

The Rams made a good start to the game dominating possession in the first period of the game and making some good chances on goal. However, it was the Tigers that scored from their first attack when we were unable to close down their quick break. The Rams continued to dominate possession with strong, positive defense from Noah Gibson and Jordan Shanks. We were eventually rewarded for excellent midfield play when a good through ball from Alex Taylor put Bailey Hefford-Dawson in on goal. The Rams made several more chances in the first half with some good possession football but the Tigers scored again just before half time to lead 2-1 at the break.

The second half was a close contest, with the Rams having slightly better possession. A key difference was a solid defensive line from pairings of Alex Wilton, Noah and Jordan . Our defense was able to close down the Tigers opportunities, assisted with good cover from the mid fielders (Kavin, Bailey, Alex T, Lachlan). All the Rams players applied good pressure on the ball carry when not in possession, and the mid field moved the ball forward positively with a good mix of individual runs and passing. The Rams were able to level the game six minutes into the second half when Luca was able to slot the ball home after a goal box scramble. Then eight minutes later we took the lead for the first time after a great run and cross from the right wing by Lachlan Timlin. His cross was met by Alex Taylor who had timed his run into the box perfectly to hammer the ball home. The Rams were able to add another goal 19 minutes into the half after Alex Taylor made a good run down the left wing. His cross was met by Lachlan who deflected the ball back towards the centre of the goal where Bailey was able to head it home. A well-deserved win after a good team effort!

Goalscorers: Bailey Dawson-Hefford 2; Lachlan Timlin; Luca May
Player of the Day: Noah Gibson

Under 11

Christchurch United Blue  7 – 0  FC TWENTY11

Christchurch United White  8 – 0  Ferrymead Falcons

Another fantastic result. PLAYERS are just responding so well to what I am on about. No nonsense football. Keeping it simple, playing too our strengths, our passing game in the attacking third has improved immensely.

Lots of plusses with a hat-trick from the skipper Ben W. & Leon. Super work from both players. Ben’s first was an awesome powerful drive that I think that many spectators missed it including the keeper. His only job was to pick the ball out the back of the net.

Lots of PLAYERS of the DAY – Bruce, Ben F-L, Max, Jamie, Sam S., Sam g., Callum, Bobby.

Under 12

Christchurch United Blue  1 – 1  Selwyn Colts

Christchurch United White  2 – 7   Ferrymead Knights

Christchurch United Gold  6 – 1  Waimak United

Under 13

Christchurch United White  2 – 4  Medbury

Under 14

Christchurch United White  3 – 0  Coastal Spirit

Cool morning with sun shining makes for a great football occasion.

The 14’s played Coastal Spirit today in a top of the table clash which for the first half we  (although score disagrees) didn’t turn up for. I the last meeting we were 3 – 0 down very early by been unable to combat there long balls. To day we had positional changes to combat that but they decided to ply football and dominated the opening 20 mins. Against the run of play we twice got in behind their defence with one on one opportunities that failed to come to much but in the 7th minute a through ball by Jarin put Ethan away and it was 1-0 and we were out of it. The game continued to ebb and flow with very few clear chances, but coastal having the best still. Out defence was keeping it under control but the midfield had started to sit a little deep. Come the 34th minute and 2 failed clearances from corners were eventually paid for as in a goalmouth scramble Jason found and opening and poked the ball away.

2-0 at halftime and the team talk revolved around we had battled hard and now we play some football. That we did, the midfield started to dominate and control the pace of the game. Space became available out wide and we utilised it. On the 45th minute another goal mouth melee let the ball fall to Zach, after his first shot was blocked he calmly pushed the ball into the corner. Now the lead was looking more deserved and the player kept pushing resulting I 3 goal line clearances from coastal. Coastal were also having a crack but only really created drama once when 2 smothering goalmouth saves from Jak, and the ball fell to a player who hit goal wards but was cleared from danger.

The last 10 minutes deteriated with some physical stuff from both teams and tiredness creeping in. Great result boys, you showed a lot of heart in first half.

Players of the Day: Xavier and Ethan.

Christchurch United Rams  6 – 1  Cashmere Technical Gold

Christchurch United Hawks  3 – 3  CBHS

Under 17

Christchurch United Rams  3 – 1  Nomads United