Christchurch United lose to leaders Selwyn United

Christchurch United didn’t win the important game against league leaders Selwyn United. After a 4-1 loss, the gap between number 2 Christchurch United and number 1 Selwyn United, is now 8 points.

At a nice and sunny Christchurch Football Centre, Christchurch United started the game off strong and looked dangerous with a few low crosses into the box of Selwyn United, but after 10 minutes it were the league leaders that opened the score. A high ball wasn’t estimated accurate by the Christchurch United defence, which saw captain Dan Ede going 1 on 1 with goalkeeper Lew Gordon, who couldn’t stop Ede from scoring.

foto van Christchurch United FC.

Selwyn United was the most effective team yesterday and managed to give Christchurch United their first loss of the season.

A little bit further into the first half, Christchurch United helped Selwyn United even more, after giving the ball away close to the box. Attacker Ede went 1 on 1 with Lew Gordon and again didn’t fail to score. Although Christchurch United had most of the possession, they couldn’t create any big chances, which saw Selwyn going into the half-time break leading 2-0.

foto van Christchurch United FC.

Wedsley Paiva made his debut for Christchurch United in the Canterbury Championship League.

The second half didn’t see a lot of differences with the first half. Where Christchurch United controlled the ball and looked to create chances to score a goal, Selwyn United scored the 3-0, again after Ede got the ball of the Christchurch United defence, to complete his hat-trick.

In the remaining time, Christchurch United kept trying to come closer to the league leaders, but a 4th Selwyn goal saw that becoming almost impossible. In the final minutes of the game, Mike O’Connor scored the only goal for Christchurch United, after a lob over the goalkeeper.

foto van Christchurch United FC.

Mike O’Connor, scoring the only goal for Christchurch United in the final minutes of the game.


Christchurch United has still 9 games to play in the Canterbury Championship League, which means everything is possible. The next game is coming weekend, against Burwood, at 2.30pm at Clare Park.

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