Be part of the Christchurch United (Pre-)Academy

For the last few months Christchurch United FC have been preparing for the 2018 season. There have been changes within the structure of the club and we would like to update you.

Christchurch United FC is a club for all the youth and senior players, boys and girls from Canterbury. We  want to offer everybody the possibility to play and enjoy football at CFC and develop their skills to reach the level they strive for. There will be differences in abilities and talent, but we aim to provide everybody a platform to develop, enjoy and feel safe! To do so we have made some changes within our organizational structure.

U6 and U8 (First kicks and Fun football)

The U6 and U8 programmes we offer are focussed on all-inclusiveness and enjoyment for all the kids. The children develop their skills during training sessions and they play games on Saturday. We can host as many players as possible and the U6 and U8 players are not yet part of our Academy programme. If you want to find out more on our programmes click here.

Pre-Academy (U9 – U12)

U9 to U10 (Pre-academy and social football)

In these age groups Christchurch United is able to host 40 players per age group within the Pre-Academy structure. The Pre-Academy teams will train twice a week and will have a game day on Saturday. Our Pre-Academy players will be monitored and assessed and groups will be made in such a way that it is beneficial to the development of all players. Groups will be made per term, but it’s possible that players shift from one team to another when the club believes this will be good for the player. Whenever the club has more than 40 players in these age groups the club will set up an extra team. From that moment this will be a “social” team, training once a week and having a game day on Saturday. If you want to know more on the numbers and differences between Pre-Academy and social football please feel free to contact

U11 and U12 (Pre-Academy and social football)

For these two age groups we have the same set-up as with the U9-U10s. The U11s and U12s play 9-aside games so the teams will contain 12 players each. In the Pre-Academy we will be able to host two teams in each age group. That will mean we will be selecting 24 players in each age group. If we have more teams, they will be a “social” team training once a week and having a game day on Saturday. If you are not selected for a Pre-Academy team remains a possibility to get in, this could happen during a term, or between two terms. There is a difference in registration fees between Pre-Academy and social memberships. If you want to know more please contact


To determine the groups for term 1 there will be trials in the first two weeks of February. After those two weeks we will create groups and we will know how many Pre-Academy teams per age group we will accommodate and how many social teams per age groups we will accommodate.  If you would like to register for the trials or any of the programmes above click here.