1. Respect – the appreciation of the efforts made by teammates, coaches, & parents to ensure the enjoyment and develop within the sport.
  2. Discipline – the ability for an individual to have self-restraint and to behave and practice in a controlled manner. Athletes need to be disciplined in the technical, tactical, mental, & physical as well as lifestyle areas of development.
  3. Intelligence – the capacity to consciously adjust his thinking to new requirements, and possessing the mental adaptability to new problems and conditions of life.
  4. Passion – the drive you have to do something, no matter what. It’s what you love & feel you can’t live without, passion compels you to take risks and push yourself past your current limits.
  5. Responsibility – the understanding that you have control over your thoughts, actions, & feelings. Responsibility is being accountable for the consequences of your actions.
  6. Unity – the feeling of pride & loyalty that exists among all members of the team and what makes them want to do well.