2017 CUFC Dragons Talent Centre and National Age Group Tournament Representatives

The Christchurch United FC Board would like to congratulate the following Christchurch United FC players who have been selected to represent Canterbury for Dragons Talent Centre Squads, as well as the National Age Group Tournament Squads.


Please join us in congratulating all the successful Christchurch United players this year.

The selection proves, once again, that Christchurch United FC is progressing on the right track in terms of player development. We are looking forward to 2018.


12th Grade Dragons Talent Centre Squad


Phoenix Coursey

Callum De Klerk

Ngereine Maro

Thomas Chao

Lewis Partridge

Diego Lavin-Hall

Jacob Mathieson-Bull


13th Grade Dragons Talent Centre Squad

Dublin Boon

John Oakman

Matthew Duncan

Caleb Johnson

Jacob Killick

Joshua Sapsford

Memphis Vaszilyko

Oscar Obel-Hall


14th Grade Girls National Age Group Tournament Squad


Darsha Keogan

Sara Mann

Samantha Senior


16th Grade Boys National Age Group Tournament Squad

Hamish Cooper